In My Bravado

In My Bravado

Hey yo it’s ya boy barrington Davis once again. I’m here to tell you about how I go from San Diego to Islamorada with a big update! This post is all about Islamorada, Danny Brown, and the bombest Nachos I’ve ever had.

YeahFirst off, I am going to buy a house in Islamorada. It’s as simple as that. I’m sick of this life in San Diego, and I’m ready to kick it with the fishes, the ladies, and some stone crabs.

If you’ve never had stone crabs, then you don’t know what you’re missing because it’s delicious. But I’ve given it a lot of thought. I ‘;m looking for ward to being in Islamorada, going from one beach to another.

That’s the biggest change in m,y life and I’m working with these cool cats named Coldwellbanker Schmitt. So let’s see if things work out, they certainly seem chill enough to make it work.

Danny Brown

Yo let me tell you about this hot topic. Danny Brown has one of the best albums I ever heard in my whole life. It’s got a lot of bangers in it, some real rock your head beats that make you go jungle style.

You gotta check it out. His newest album is called atrocity exhibition, and it is some of he dankest material I’ve ever heard. If you can name someone outside of Death Grips that flips the script on expectations and rhythm schizms let me know cause I wanna get banging on that!

And yes, I know who clipping is. Yes, I’ve heard their stuff, it just sounds like the LA death grips, and that’s not something I want to mess with when I’m trying to rock my groove. There are too many secrets in this mofo.

The Bombest Nachos

So while I was in Florida last time I told y’all I was checking out some cool joints. But this time I hit the cool joint right off the bat. I was checking out this place called Tijuana Flats, and they have some steak nachos that make you go BLAM, and smack the table all dramatic like.

bomb nachos Base the chips, they slap on some queso. Next you’ve got some lettuce, some tomatoes, some cheese, some guac, some steak on top with some more cheese on top and some tomatoes. Yo, I am watering at the mouth just thinking about it, and it is the bomb.

Besides the nachos, you’ve got a cool atmosphere with a bunch of papers and stuff on the walls. You’ve got some cool stuff; you know what I’m talking about. Some token stuff. Anyway, I gotta jet. IF you’re in the FLL area in the next 8 hours lmk, I’ll be there shortly. Read More...