Grandpa George and The Boat

When it comes to hands-on, I like to get my hands dirty. There’s nothing like the feeling you get after you spent a long time working on a project, then watching it come to life when it’s complete. Growing up, I was always fascinated by the thought that a group of small things could be used together to create something bigger.

The first time I ever worked on a handyman project, I was seven years old, and my grandpa had a small boat that he was putting together. He had started with just one piece of wood. I use to spend most of my free time sitting outside the garage and watching him work on the boat. I saw him turn a regular piece of lumber into the most beautiful sailboat I had ever seen.Our Sailboat

Grandpa George always to worked on the boat alone, and I was happy just watching him work on it. One day, while working on the boat grandpa George called me and asked me to get him a tool. I jumped up and ran to get the tool box trying to find him a wrench. Finding the wrench was the only thing on my mind. This was the first time grandpa ever asked me for help with the boat, so I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Although I was only seven years old at the time, I knew exactly what a wrench was. I went through the entire tool box, and I couldn’t find a wrench. I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I went through the tool box a second time and still, there was no wrench to be found. Grandpa called me and asked what was taking so long; that’s when I told him that I couldn’t find a wrench. His answer surprised me, because he wasn’t expecting to find one in there.

He told me to go inside and grab his cell phone for him. I ran and got the cell phone, when I gave it to him I ask “who are you going to call grandpa?” He replied and told me about a company called¬†National Tool Supply. After he had got off the phone with National Tool, I was curious about why he had called them, so I asked him. That’s when I found out where all tools came from. National Tool is a supply company; they have tools for every hatools and suppliesndy job you can think of from construction supplies to something as simple as a screwdriver.

The National Tool Supplies company had been my grandpa’s tool supplier for the past four years, and he said they never let him down before. So a week had went by and my grandpa didn’t work on the boat, but one day he got a special delivery from the UPS guy, and it was the wrench tool that he ordered from the National Tool Supplies company. I had never seen my grandpa so happy to receive something in the mail. The National Read More...