Who Really Needs Plastic Barrels?

I have been a curious person all my life, even as a child. This explains why I chose this career. I could never pass up an opportunity to learn something new, meet new acquaintances or even visit new places. Normally, layovers bother me. Who wants to spend 6+ hours in the airport waiting for the next flight? However, I tend to focus on the bright side of things and automatically, my frown turns upside down.

On this perfect Tuesday evening, we landed in Chicago and the next flight was scheduled 6 hours away. I should be accustomed to my job by now, but I still find myself fatigued 17199169223_77a0804a6b_bevery now and then. Too tired to even go sightseeing. I promised myself that the next time I visit Chicago, I’d visit the great Chicago 360. The thought of being in a building that’s 1000 feet above ground tickles my fancy. Did you know that while on the 94th floor of Chicago 360, you can see up to four states and 55 miles out? Enjoying this view while fine dining is definitely on my bucket list.

As tired as I was, I just knew that the only option I had was to roam around the cafes and shops within the airport, but even that got boring. What better way to glide through the hours than hanging out at the bar? So I headed there. To my surprise, the place was packed. When I spotted an empty stool at the counter, I didn’t hesitate to take it. It’s was a strategic place to kill boredom by staring at the TV the entire time.

I am a social person and I just can’t help talking to strangers and making friends. An hour into sipping my flavored water, I noticed that the guy sitting next to me looked kind of tensed. A chat might do him some good I thought. “Hey man, I’m Barrington.” I casually introduced myself. To my surprise, he reached out to my stretched hand and gave it a firm handshake. “Nice to meet you, I’m George.” It seemed like he was open for a conversation, from anyone. Almost like he needed it. I told him I had a few hours to kill before getting back to work on the plane and that’s why I was stuck on that bar stool for more than an hour. “Oh, so you’re a flight attendant? You work in the plane?” I responded in the affirmative.barrels

He told me that he works with Youngstown Barrel and Drum Co. This is something that I’ve never heard of before. Reminds me of the perks of this job. It allows me to meet totally different people who introduce me to things I’d probably never have known if I was stuck in my hometown. I guess he knew I was green in that field and quickly added “We sell plastic barrels among other things. “This left me, even more, perplexed, I mean, who really needs plastic barrels?

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Visiting Central Florida

Lake Whales FloridaI didn’t like Lake Wales. Check that, I liked Lake Wales, I just didn’t love Lake Wales. For years now, my baby cousin has been telling how much she loves Lake Wales and how much she wants me to visit. It’s so much fun here; there’s great food, incredible drinks, and beautiful nightlife. You’ll never want to leave,” she would explain as if she was talking about paradise. When I started traveling to Florida, I rarely heard the name Lake Wales mentioned. It was far from a top tourist attraction, and I wasn’t one to take boring trips. Over the years, my baby cousin grew more fond of Lake Wales and continued to ask me to visit. After all these years, I decided on this trip that it was time for me to finally check out what all the fuss was about.

The flight to Lake Wales, Florida was smooth. When I arrived the first thing I did was call my baby cousin. She was so excited to hear from, she made me leave the taxi, and she picked me up from the airport. As I explored the city later that day, I started to see why my baby cousin felt the way she did about Lake Wales. Lake Wales is the perfect little town for raising a family. Nature and wildlife really come to life in Lake Wales. Everything was picture perfect that day, and I was impressed. In fact, the only thing that stood out from this picture perfect day was a big truck with Petersen Industries written on the side that was parked outside near a construction sight. Honestly, I had know idea what kind of truck it was, but through a quick Google search, I realized that this type of truck was known as a Knuckle Boom Crane Loader. It’s quite strange that I didn’t know what it was, as I pride myself on knowing as much as I can. Either way, it was quite a sight and I’m always eager to learn more about a subject that I don’t know about. That’s what makes me a great flight attendant is that I love learning about the most random of things.

But my Knuckle Boom Loaderfavorite place that I saw that day was Bok Tower Garden. Bok Tower Gardens is located right in the center of Tampa and Orlando in Polk County, Florida. Which made my trip to Lake Wales even more interesting. Going to Orland was the highlight of the entire trip to me. Orlando is home to more than a dozen theme parks. Although its most know for being the home of Walt Disney World, a theme park that comprised of 4 parks, including Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and two water parks. Another major Tourist attraction, Universal Orlando, offers two parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straddling both. The possibilities here are endless. After visiting Orlando, we went back to Lake Wales for the perfect Read More...

JJ’s Paradise

Now Entering Fort LauderdaleWhen most people think of South Florida, they think of places like Miami, South Beach, and West Palm Beach. When I went to South Florida last year for my 23rd birthday, I might have discovered the most beautiful part of South Florida. The beautiful city of Ft. Lauderdale is located right in between West Palm Beach and the city of Miami. Surprisingly, such great location still doesn’t bring much traffic to the city of Ft. Lauderdale. Most people who come to visit Florida, unfortunately, overlook this hidden paradise.

When I first went to the city of Ft. Lauderdale, I was trying to get away from all of the traffic on the highway. I got off on an exit that was in the city of Ft. Lauderdale; The first thig I saw was the great nightlife environment that they had down there. I wasn’t alone on the trip. I brought my best friend with me. JJ my best friend, is also my dog. I don’t always travel with him but it was winter time, and I didn’t want to leave him home alone for two weeks.

JJRiding through the city of Ft. Lauderdale that night was so beautiful that I decided to cancel the reservations that I had at the hotel in Miami, and I booked at one of the hotels in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I knew I had made the right decision right after I booked the room. I saved over $125 by switching my hotel to Ft. Lauderdale from Miami. The only negative part of the new hotel was the fact that they were not pet-friendly. Which means I had to find a doggie daycare for JJ.

I asked the hotel manager for advice since I wasn’t from the area. She told me that she has a cousin that works at a pet grooming school in Ft. Lauderdale called Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming. She told me that her cousin is friends with most of the pet daycare centers in the city and that she would be able to find me the best place for JJ for the week. He found me the most luxury pet spa that I had ever seen in my life. It was like a vacation for dogs. This place had everything from swimming pools for the dog to even a doggie jacuzzi. I wasn’t sure if I had gotten the best deal here or if JJ had the best deal. Read More...

My Top 10 Travel Tips After 3 Years of Traveling

I have been traveling all over the world now for three years. I always knew I wanted to travel, so I gave up a lot to see my dream come true. This is a list of my top 10 travel tips for anyone who loves to travel.

Patient Is Important

Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Life is short, so don’t be angry and annoyed all the time. If you miss a deadline, don’t worry, there will always be another one. Sometimes, freakouts sneak up on us regardless.

Practice your breathing by taking a deep breath, and remind yourself that everything is going to be alright.

Wake up Early

Rise and shine with the sun and you will increase your chances at getting all the best attractions to yourself. The soft diffuse light from the morning also makes it the best time to take the best picture.

Stash Extra Cash

Cash is king around the world. To make sure you are always prepared for all type of emergency make sure to keep a stash in some different places. I recommend that you stash a few hundreds just incase you lose your wallet or your cards stop working.

Meet Local People

Make it apoint to meet some of the locals where you are visiting. Meeting other travelers is fun too but the experience you will gain from meeting the locals is priceless. Basic English is spoken all over the world so communicating with someone in a different country might be easier than you think. Read More...

The Can Maker

Trip to CaliforniaSoda cans, we drink them and then toss them in the recycle bin and that’s it just like that their journey is over. I never really thought much about soda cans. To me, they were just here to protect the soda from going flat. That was the case until I met an employee from OKL Can, on a flight to California. Her name was Sarah, and she was a project manager for OKL Can, a company that is known for selling parts of the machines that makes cans.

Her Favorite BodymakerMaking cans is not at the top of my interest list, but Sarah was easy on the eyes so I would be interested in just about anything she was interested in. I spent over an hour talking about how cans were made with her. The whole flight we talked, she invited me to come by whenever I was in town to see how that can making process goes. She also told me about her favorite machine, the Standun Bodymaker.

When the flight landed, as usual, the flight attendants let the passengers get off the plane first. Being that I was a flight attendant, I had to leave Sarah and do my job. We escorted all of the passengers off the plane and did the same routine to get the plane ready for the next flight. It wasn’t until 15 minutes later that I had realized that I never exchanged contact info with Sarah.

I could leave it alone but what were the chances that I would run into her on a flight again? That chances didn’t matter because I was not going to leave it to chance. I ran out to the terminal looking for a girl in a red dress with short brown hair. When I got to the terminal, everyone looked at me because of all the commotion that I was making. She was nowhere to be found though I looked everywhere I could in the short period I had but still no woman in a red dress.

I had given up; I told myself if it was meant to happen it would have happened and accept the lost. I went back to work and took my mind off her. One of my coworkers asked me why I looked so disappointed, I explained to her my situation, and she gave me the best advice anyone could. She said, “check on Facebook.” I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.

At the end of my shift, it was finally time for me to go home. Jacquline’s face was in my head the whole rest of the day. It was a face that I didn’t want to forget. When I arrived home later that day, the first thing I did was grab my laptop and log into my Facebook account. I typed in “Jacquline OKL Can” in the search bar, and I couldn’t believe my eye she was the first account that popped up. I knew it was Read More...