Me No Hablo

That’s right, it’s me, I’m back. Barrington Davis and I’m living it up in South Florida. I’m hanging out doing my thing, living with the locals and drinking up like a fool or as the locals call me Papi cullo. I don’t know what it means, to quote Kanye “Me No Hablo.”

For those of you who are wanting an update kinda thing, just know that I’m kicking butt and taking names doing what I do and then reporting it on the blog. Looking back it’s been like seven months since I’ve had a decent update post for your guys, so I guess I’ll go a little more in-depth.

The biggest thing that I’ve started to do is work with this company that helps me transfer all of my important documents to everyone all the time. Check this out his name is direct messenger service Sunrise FL. That’s the whole name of the business, and this guy delivers stuff fast.

I’m talking e-mail fast. So for those of you who don’t know. I recently got into writing scripts, be it legal or medical scripts the point being that when they need to go, they need to go fast and furious. If you are looking for the best way to get it to them, like in under an hour, I’m the guy you need to talk with because I know him and I’m not going to throw out names like it’s no big deal, know what I’m saying, player?

So I’ve just been zazzing up these documents and sending them out for use. I hang out on the beach with a laptop in my lap… top and a drink in my hand and when I’m not pounding these keys and putting the good work in, I’m hanging out and living the good life. I’m not saying it’s for everyone because if everyone started doing it, I might be out of a job. But it’s pretty sweet.

When I’m not doing that, I have my brother up in St. Augustine Aluminum, doing a whole bunch of crazy stuff with this company. It’s pretty sweet. I talk to him pretty regularly though he’s a little bit bummed out about the fact that the Packers got knocked out of playoff contention already. But that’s life I suppose. Sometimes you’re going to be up, other times you’re going to be down, and he needs to count his blessings and remember that. Go CAVS! Read More...

In My Bravado

In My Bravado

Hey yo it’s ya boy barrington Davis once again. I’m here to tell you about how I go from San Diego to Islamorada with a big update! This post is all about Islamorada, Danny Brown, and the bombest Nachos I’ve ever had.

YeahFirst off, I am going to buy a house in Islamorada. It’s as simple as that. I’m sick of this life in San Diego, and I’m ready to kick it with the fishes, the ladies, and some stone crabs.

If you’ve never had stone crabs, then you don’t know what you’re missing because it’s delicious. But I’ve given it a lot of thought. I ‘;m looking for ward to being in Islamorada, going from one beach to another.

That’s the biggest change in m,y life and I’m working with these cool cats named Coldwellbanker Schmitt. So let’s see if things work out, they certainly seem chill enough to make it work.

Danny Brown

Yo let me tell you about this hot topic. Danny Brown has one of the best albums I ever heard in my whole life. It’s got a lot of bangers in it, some real rock your head beats that make you go jungle style.

You gotta check it out. His newest album is called atrocity exhibition, and it is some of he dankest material I’ve ever heard. If you can name someone outside of Death Grips that flips the script on expectations and rhythm schizms let me know cause I wanna get banging on that!

And yes, I know who clipping is. Yes, I’ve heard their stuff, it just sounds like the LA death grips, and that’s not something I want to mess with when I’m trying to rock my groove. There are too many secrets in this mofo.

The Bombest Nachos

So while I was in Florida last time I told y’all I was checking out some cool joints. But this time I hit the cool joint right off the bat. I was checking out this place called Tijuana Flats, and they have some steak nachos that make you go BLAM, and smack the table all dramatic like.

bomb nachos Base the chips, they slap on some queso. Next you’ve got some lettuce, some tomatoes, some cheese, some guac, some steak on top with some more cheese on top and some tomatoes. Yo, I am watering at the mouth just thinking about it, and it is the bomb.

Besides the nachos, you’ve got a cool atmosphere with a bunch of papers and stuff on the walls. You’ve got some cool stuff; you know what I’m talking about. Some token stuff. Anyway, I gotta jet. IF you’re in the FLL area in the next 8 hours lmk, I’ll be there shortly. Read More...

Holiday Party

Holidays are my favorite time of the year. Every year during the holidays, my family and I host a huge holiday party. This year we are expecting so many people that we had to rent a space for the party. Planning a party can be overwhelming, but planning a holiday party is definitely overwhelming. If your family is like my family, they like to do it big when they host an event. The preparation for this year’s holiday party started one month before the date of the party. The reason for such an early start is to make sure everything is done right. The first step that we take before we begin planning is having a family meeting to determine who is going to be in charge of what. This year I was going to be in charge of everything that needed to be printed. That meant I was in charge of finding someone to design and print.

I went online searching for a printing company that I could trust. I searched google for printing companies. I found many different companies, but the one company that seems to saScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.53.13 PMtisfy all of their customers based on their reviews was this company called Cornerstone Printing. They are the number one political printing company in the entire country. All of those sounded good to me, but the main thing that made me go with Cornerstone Printing for the job is their great deals. For a company that is as well known as they are I have to admit that I was expecting them charge me an arm and a leg for printing. Surprisingly, they didn’t; in fact, they had some of the best deals compared to the competitors.

Working with them was even easier. I was able to place my entire order online in under 10 minutes. I didn’t have to call in and be put on hold. I didn’t have to deal with anyone. I just wrote a short detailed description of what I wanted them to do and that was it. After I had placed the order my job was done. It was a pretty big order, so I was a little unsure if they would be able to finish the order in one month. That was out of my hands now, all I could do at this point was wait and hope they could get the job done in time.

il_570xN.283659962A week had went by, which means they had three weeks left to complete the order. After that first week of waiting I had forgotten all about the order. I was expecting them in three weeks. Later during the week when I arrived home from work, there was a mysterious box sitting on my door steps. I wasn’t expecting anything in the mail, so the first thing I thought was they must have the wrong house. As I got closer and saw the writing on the box, it said Cornerstone Printing. I was in total disbelief; there is Read More...

Grandpa George and The Boat

When it comes to hands-on, I like to get my hands dirty. There’s nothing like the feeling you get after you spent a long time working on a project, then watching it come to life when it’s complete. Growing up, I was always fascinated by the thought that a group of small things could be used together to create something bigger.

The first time I ever worked on a handyman project, I was seven years old, and my grandpa had a small boat that he was putting together. He had started with just one piece of wood. I use to spend most of my free time sitting outside the garage and watching him work on the boat. I saw him turn a regular piece of lumber into the most beautiful sailboat I had ever seen.Our Sailboat

Grandpa George always to worked on the boat alone, and I was happy just watching him work on it. One day, while working on the boat grandpa George called me and asked me to get him a tool. I jumped up and ran to get the tool box trying to find him a wrench. Finding the wrench was the only thing on my mind. This was the first time grandpa ever asked me for help with the boat, so I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Although I was only seven years old at the time, I knew exactly what a wrench was. I went through the entire tool box, and I couldn’t find a wrench. I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I went through the tool box a second time and still, there was no wrench to be found. Grandpa called me and asked what was taking so long; that’s when I told him that I couldn’t find a wrench. His answer surprised me, because he wasn’t expecting to find one in there.

He told me to go inside and grab his cell phone for him. I ran and got the cell phone, when I gave it to him I ask “who are you going to call grandpa?” He replied and told me about a company called National Tool Supply. After he had got off the phone with National Tool, I was curious about why he had called them, so I asked him. That’s when I found out where all tools came from. National Tool is a supply company; they have tools for every hatools and suppliesndy job you can think of from construction supplies to something as simple as a screwdriver.

The National Tool Supplies company had been my grandpa’s tool supplier for the past four years, and he said they never let him down before. So a week had went by and my grandpa didn’t work on the boat, but one day he got a special delivery from the UPS guy, and it was the wrench tool that he ordered from the National Tool Supplies company. I had never seen my grandpa so happy to receive something in the mail. The National Read More...